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Dec 5, 2012 2:30pm PST
about you are next secretary of state will be. we are told the first person on the list of obama is susan rice, the u.n. ambassador. she has some experience there. and then she goes on with obama to be the ambassador, if she is successful. we do not know if she is going to be, but if she is successful of navigating this, let to be secretary of state, what has been, and what do you think will be in the second term the u.s. relationship with the continent in the obama era? >> the progressive element on the african continent and certainly nigeria, from the very beginning this sort of extra expectation. obama it is an american. he is from a country called america. for americans. anything which we get from that administration is a bonus. it is time the african nation stop relying on changes in administration elsewhere. as part of the movement away from the original. and so we should not expect any special treatment from the u.s. administration. on the contrary, a sense of belonging should encourage the leaders to try to make things easier. there are enough problems in the world. it is
Dec 21, 2012 2:30pm PST
else. his charisma is unbelievable. >> how did you keep your head? you set between buffett and obama. >> it was the first time in my life -- people try to pinch themselves. i pinch myself under the table literally as the president came to sit down. i was already sitting down to -- next to mr. buffett. my wife was next to the chief of staff of the armed services. i pinched my thighs. i had bruises on my thighs. >> are you a political person? >> as much as i live in a democracy and to take an interest in the right people leaving the country -- leading the country. when you reach a certain level, you get lobbied by whichever party is in power. you get invited to dinners, and you have to be careful. i have been careful not to nail my colors to the mast into mush -- too much. tavis: i want to come back to "homeland." now it is impossible to talk about your career without talking about "band of brothers" and how it influenced your fans statewide. what you think about that series, the work itself and what it did for your career? >> i was a needle in a haystack casting. they looked everywher
Dec 18, 2012 2:30pm PST
neil/lehrer productions and counteroffers on the table today, but no deal between president obama and speaker boehner to resolve the government's fiscal crisis. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, we get the latest on the search for an agreement from the "wall street journal's" carol lee and wnyc's todd zwillich. >> woodruff: then, we turn to the shootings in connecticut. ray suarez has our update, as some students return to school and two more families bury t
Dec 4, 2012 2:30pm PST
: president obama said today there would be no deal to avert an economic plunge unless republicans agree to increase taxes on the wealthiest americans. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, kwame holman has the latest on wast
Dec 25, 2012 2:30pm PST
convention, mr. obama and his party last week, the republican convention. so for two weeks, we've been talking about politics every night, save jeremy irons. are you a political person at all? >> i have views, but i'm very glad i'm not a politician. i think it's one step away from the gates of hell, being a politician. i really do. a nightmare, a nightmare. but i do have views about where we have gone terribly wrong and i think we're in the middle of actually, just at the start of a huge economic revolution which i think has not really hit this country yet, but which we're beginning to go through in europe where we're realizing that unrestrained capitalism is a hiding to nowhere and it doesn't protect the population as it should and we have to completely start to re-evaluate how we use capitalism as an instrument for feeding and housing our population. tavis: yeah. there an increasing number of folk in this country who feel the same way, that now is a good time to start rethinking capitalism as we know it. but to even raise that conversation gets you labeled un-american in many circles
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)